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Founded in 1966 as Alborghetti & Crotta  in Lecco, grows over the years strengthening and estabilishing itself in the territory as a point of reference for the trade, and collective catering.

In 1996 the company moved to Cornate d'Adda, a strategic place, where on an area of over 10000 square meters, there is builded a specially designed and technologically advanced structure to ensure excellent levels of efficiency for internal logistics and related services. 

In 2004 the company structure, changed due to the entrance of COAR Group (one of the most important groups at the national level). This action allows to reach a very large assortment of items thanks to the synergies of the group.  

Today we have to see in perspective: Only in this way we can give real service to catering and affirm our reality even more professional. 

The continuous contact with foodservice operators and industry, combined with the technical and organizational research allows us to respond in advance to the needs of this ever changing industry. 

 We have a precise purpose: to face the challenge with foodservice operators for a future that will see the winning those who will know make progress in product quality and management efficiencies!